Our 100% Arabica coffee highlights the nutty sweetness, creamy body and enticing aroma a true coffee lover can appreciate. There is a reason the hazelnut has remained popular in the coffee culture. Aside from its use throughout history for medicinal and food purposes, the Turks were the first culture to expand this versatile nut by creating hazelnut oil, cream and even butter. And since the Turks have been drinking coffee since the 16th century, it’s only natural that they would combine the two and discover one of the greatest flavors ever. With such a storied history and excellent taste, you can be sure that as long as there are flavored coffees, hazelnut will be one of the staples.

1 BAG=Approx. 30 Cups/12 oz.

2 BAG=Approx. 60 cups/24 oz.

3 BAG=Approx. 90 cups/36 oz.

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